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Understanding Customer Mind-set and Behaviours Part 2

Tuesday 15 October 2019  | 09:30 – 13:30

Do you know what your customers and prospects are consciously and subconsciously thinking and feeling? Would you agree that if you knew what they were thinking, you would be able to sell your products and services to them a lot easier? This workshop will show you how.

99% of human beings have 25 levels of emotions e.g. doubt, anger, fear, boredom, pessimism, frustration, disappointment, worry, blame, discouragement etc. Based upon the emotional level you are experiencing right now, there are people who know how to influence almost every decision you make, present and future.

This workshop will also teach you cool and effective tools to understand, and influence potential customers to take action e.g. purchase your products or services.

On completion of this series of workshops you will know how to pre-frame and re-frame almost anyone. You will be proficient in building product and service campaigns. You will also be given online tools, hacks and tips, in order to research and tap into your prospects and competitors.

Why you should attend

  • In real-time you will discover step by step how to identify your ideal customers by using on and offline tools.
  • Build your 7 part campaign. There are 7 stages to achieve a professional customer buying campaign. You will learn all of the 7 stages of your product or service campaign including upsells, down sells and cross sells. 
  • Q&A’s of your choice. We can look into your business or personal world and discover ways to improve them both.

Prepared and Delivered by:

Kevin Bennett is the UK’s leading Mental and Emotional strategist who has helped, built and empowered well over 720,000 people globally within the last 8 years via seminars; workshops; universities; secondary schools; TV, radio and online appearances globally. Kevin also works with companies and governments globally.

Who should attend?

Pre-start-ups/start-ups and growth businesses in London.

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