A tailored programme of support.

Enterprise Steps has developed an innovative service programme for start-ups and established businesses to support them in growing to their full potential. Across three stages, the programme of delivery is tailored to each individual enterprise’s needs, from the following areas of support:

  • Tailored workshops
  • Master-classes
  • Networking events
  • One-to-one coaching and mentoring
  • Marketing and Finance seminars
  • Product development

For a full list of activities across all stages of delivery visit our events page, or speak to a member of our delivery team to arrange an initial assessment.

Three stages of development.

Enterprise Steps is a 'three tier programme' designed to better support businesses at different stages of development.


This stage is designed to support pre-start up and fledgling enterprises with a tailored programme of workshops, coaching sessions and focused seminars to help turn great ideas into growing businesses. Find out more >


If an enterprise is already up and running but in need of support, Stage 2 will assist in developing the business further; enabling it to survive, prosper and grow. Find out more >


New enterprises with more advanced levels of development or operating in high potential growth areas, are eligible for this stage. Find out more >



Newham College's Centre for Innovation and Partnerships host a one day taster and follow up three week intensive business start-up course packed with information, guidance, tips and advice. If this sounds more your speed, contact us to find out more about the Exploring Entrepreneurship one day taster or the three week intensive course; Steps to Enterprise.

Get in touch.

If you’re based in London and looking to start, develop or grow your business, please contact our dedicated business support team.