2019 Resolutions from Enterprise Steps clients

Already finding it hard to stick to your resolutions? This will keep you going!

We asked a few of our Enterprise Steps clients to reveal their New Year business resolutions:

Emma Alexander of 'Mother Bran'

"1: Validate each enquiry and client request. It's easy to say 'yes!' to everything, and we always want our clients to be super-happy, but we can't forget our own pillars, and we should be checking that each brief fits within our own brand values as well.

2: Delegate. I think all small business owners sympathise with this one! A priority this Quarter is to find specialised partners to support in the areas that are weighing us down.

3: Balance. This is a big mantra for Mother Bran already, and we champion flexible working, but it begs repeating. Burnout is real. Exercise, downtime, sleep and spending time with people you care about: these are not only good for the body and soul, but mean you come to the table energised and excited. (I hope!)"  

Mother Bran provides photography commissioning (art buying) and production services in London, and across Europe.
Szilvia Retali from 'Peachy Peel'

"Our top resolution will be to provide the best treatments for our customers at the best price. We will do our best to adapt to their busy agenda and showing them that we can be very flexible. 2019 is our first trading year and we're aiming to attract as many customers as possible to grow the salon and by the end of the year be able to create the chain we aimed to do."

The affordable and flexible beauty salon.
Vineta Kravale from 'Biowellness Ltd'

"To work on the ideas that I had buried for some time! From working with Neuroptimal neurofeedback clients I see very similar issues among them and have the additional solution to the problems. Oh, and another solution is to manage my time better."

Vineta currently works with clients at www.londonfloatationcentre.co.uk
Sally-Ann Spring of 'Serious About Solutions'

"Our business resolution is to develop our international satellite, working to make the most of Brexit and the upturn in the development of the African economy."

Unearthing the gold in unionised workplaces.
Dewi Cortier-Agrawal of 'Oh Lily Snacks':

"Do not be afraid to go back to school, keep learning always. For us is to take some marketing courses.
Plan effectively, not just to do list but to do list with a deadline for each tasks.  Grow our start up but be sure to have time for selfcare - #consciousnacking.

Of course those resolutions are implemented in a time frame plan with concrete actions : we've recently signed up to start a digital marketing course plus daily mediation moments. The idea is to transform the resolutions to habits and daily routine!

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