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"I'm extremely happy with the support and advice I'm getting with this programme, so thank you so much for making it so interesting! My business advisor Giuseppe is also great. I've since developed a magazine called The Shortlisted thanks to the programme." 

 - Silvia, The Shortlisted

"My experience with Enterprise Steps has been beyond my expectations. I first started speaking to the project coordinator in the summer of 2018. She has been very helpful right from the start. Her polite and calm approach to any questions I ask her must be applauded.

I was allocated a mentor after a few months of being in the waiting list due to the popularity of Enterprise Steps. Due to time constraints I wasn’t able to attend the workshops until November 2018. So far I have attended two workshops for start up business. The workshops have helped me a lot to jump start my business plan and I have found so many platforms to network with entrepreneurs and business advisers.”

 - Lhaki, Entrepreneur 

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people behind Enterprise Steps for their continuous support and for such a great programme designed for entrepreneurs like myself. This is very much appreciated!"

 - Kasia, Entrepreneur

"I would like to thank Enterprise Steps for taking me on and giving me all this help and support over the year." 

 - Hayley,  Entrepreneur

"I’ve recently attended a few workshops and I just wanted to let you they have been extremely helpful. The wealth of information provided at these workshops is absolutely amazing."

- Bhavneet, Chapter & Ink