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Growing Business - Let it Roll Records

An urge to work in the music community coupled with an encyclopedic record knowledge was enough for husband and wife team Janet and Kieran Smyth to review their careers in television to open vinyl record store and coffee shop ‘Let It Roll’ in May 2018.

“We heard about the Enterprise Steps project through Newham College marketing” says Janet “I was looking to invest in a business that we could grow into and once we realised that we could achieve our ambition we didn’t need much incentive after that – we set up the company in March 2018 and were open for business in May!”

Janet (a not so silent partner) and Kieran knew that they needed support with some areas where they had less experience, including business management, financial control and marketing.

“Our first priorities were to control finances and ensure we had correct contracts of employment in place.” says Kieran. “Our adviser Neil created an initial support package that included advice and guidance on cashflow, employment contracts and policy/procedure documents.”

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Let It Roll has set itself some challenging start up targets including 160 coffees weekly for the café and 300 record sales weekly.   To help achieve this mission they have sublet to a “pop-up” café/coffee bar to be run professionally. They are working hard to achieve their targets in record sales and have been improving the shop interiors before embarking on promotion and advertising of the business.   In a short time they have already been able to achieve a good local reputation and loyal customers.

“We attended the Enterprise Steps PR Workshop and our adviser encouraged us to put into action ideas from this workshop together with a focus on our website, social media and local press coverage.” says Janet.

The business duo have felt that they have benefited from having a friendly mentor with whom they have been able to bounce ideas, helping them to develop the café/coffee bar,  create events and to hire an experienced record buyer.

Kieran is reflective about their experiences so far and confident about their focus for the coming year. “We’re now working towards our 12 month milestones and hoping to build our events to give us a higher profile as a music community hub. For anyone else thinking of setting up, we’d say it’s definitely satisfying running your own business but also a constant challenge. Our biggest lesson learned when setting up was to have doubled our set up budget!”

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