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Growing Business - Opera Co-Pro

Opera Co-Pro is the first global marketplace to trade opera productions and to launch co-production projects for funding matching partners. Opera Co Pro is the first global platform of its kind, without geographical boundaries and available in many languages.

Founder Ambra Sorrentino was inspired by the Airbnb and concepts that brought different groups of the same type together and thought there was an opportunity to apply the same model to help opera companies. The company was started in May 2017 with the platform formally launching on 29th September 2017.

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“The Enterprise Steps programme has been useful in many areas,” says Ambra. “This has been particularly helpful in terms of events, networking, good workshops and really informative materials.”

“However, I’d say that one of the most important aspects has been the one to one business consultancy which has been reassuring throughout the journey so far. I don’t come from an entrepreneurial world, so I was totally new to many things, including the rules around setting up and running a company.”

Ambra attended the following workshops on the Enterprise Steps programme :

Networking to Success; How to Use the Media to Boost Your Business; and Sales Teaching and Skills – Introduction. Her business mentor was Jo Sealy.

Opera Co Pro has had a spectacular start – with more than triple the number of expected initial clients in less than 12 months, together with five times more productions joining the company’s network.

Ambra has some challenging targets that she has set herself over the next 12 months. She has already achieved one of these - to close a major technology partnership with a software company that raises the bar for the future services that Opera Co Pro will offer its members.

“The partnership puts us in a position to realistically achieve our ambition to double our annual income and refine the service we offer to our members” explains Ambra. “It’s so satisfying to feel that I am doing something good to help opera companies. It is not only a thing for myself, but a service that is helping hundreds of people.”

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