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Growing Business - Trade Show Explorer

Trade Show Explorer enables businesses to carry out bespoke research projects at trade shows, providing companies with valuable consumer product insights and informed sales lead generation.

Founder Jose Tovar has used the Enterprise Steps programme as a guiding hand throughout the set up of his business.

The company provides a uniquely flexible, bespoke research service for clients not available when working with larger research companies, who are often unable to provide exactly what’s required.

“I have over 15 years in the market research industry, and attending trade events was a critical source for data on new products and services. I realised that there was a need for companies that couldn't attend important events but needed information to make important decisions. So I took the leap and set up the company in May 2017.”

Trade Show Explorer hit the ground running in May 2017, landing a contract with a leading global company early on and more recently attending and reporting on a number of European fairs on behalf of its growing client list.


“It’s been a challenge for me to put myself out there. I didn't have the confidence in really pushing my product until I decided to just do it! The Enterprise Steps programme has been great, knowing that I have support while going through start up. It’s also been reassuring to have a mentor to consult with; I'm not sure if I could have developed as quickly as I have without the programme.”

Jose explains there were a number of benefits to the programme: 

“Definitely mentorship, classes and seminars that helped me get up and running, and networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs.” 

Jose attended the following workshops on the Enterprise Steps programme :

• Sales Techniques & Skills Part 1& 2
• Writing Copy that Sells
• Simple Steps to Marketing Your Business with Social Media
• Learn to Love Linked In
• Goal Setting
• Seven Steps to Business Growth
• Presentation and Design for Digital Marketing
• Creating Websites That Work
• One page business map – Part 1
(His business mentor was Jo Sealy.)

Jose’s approach to gain new business started with reaching out to his existing network of contracts, finding that having built up trust in the past was an easier introduction to sales.

He is already thinking about how he can further develop the company’s range of services and plans to focus research on more niche markets including gaming, brand licensing, and children's products, including the launch of a searchable database of products for companies in those sectors.

“I love the freedom of running my own business.” Says Jose “Although I work more hours than when I worked 9-5, I have complete control over how my business is run and what direction I want it to go. I also have learned so much that I can spin off other areas where I can make money!”

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