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Growing Business - Wildsuga

Wildsuga provides art prints, paintings, colouring books, one off fashion garments, jewellery, and educational workshops in schools & community. Founder, artist and educator Sarina Mantle created the business in 2008 stemming from a deep desire for freedom and artistic expression.


“Having a business mentor through the Enterprise Steps programme has helped keep me on top of my goals,” says Sarina. “This has given me a reassuring sense of support as well as helped shape my vision for the future through a very organised yearly planner.”


One of the obstacles Sarina has been able to overcome has been to be more active with her marketing. “I have found that if I am not actively promoting a product on social media or regularly responding to emails, networking or making products I am at risk of not generating the type of income I know my business is worth - so much of running a business is about focus and goal setting.”

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Sarina’s hard work is paying off. She recently achieved a personal first, publishing her debut colouring book worldwide via publishers Liminal 11 and became an author, enabling her to engage on important personal topics such as mental wellbeing, art as a creative stress reliever and much more.

“The Enterprise Steps programme has really helped me to focus. I’m looking ahead and I am excited about the future! I’m working towards seeing my paintings in beautiful gallery spaces, having more products in shops internationally and creating new products. I’m also focused on creating a new book and moving to a new working studio space.”


Sarina worked throughout the Enterprise Steps programme with her business mentor Jo Sealy.


“Jo’s guidance has helped me to evolve and trust my instinct to never get to hung up on one way of doing a thing, that there are infinite possibilities and endless ideas to try new things and grow.”

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