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Time Management and Productivity
This event is an online workshop

Tuesday  16th November | 10:00-14:00

Time Management is a crucial skill to learn and develop for business success.

Starting and running a business places more demands on the time we have available. Since business owners have to juggle many different tasks, in an ever-changing landscape, being adept at time management is important.

The participants will identify how they currently spend their time and will then be shown different strategies to help plan and set meaningful goals to ensure productivity and business success.

This workshop will help you to:

• Identify the current challenges that you have with managing your time

• Learn about the Time Matrix model and how it can help you to plan ahead

• Understand why we procrastinate and tools we can use to overcome procrastination

• Tools and tips that you can use to help you set goals and manage your time better.

Additional Information:

You must have a website and preferably an email marketing service and social media profiles.

Prepared and Delivered by:

Mo Obadina is a multi-award winning business coach, trainer, and speaker.  She has been helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

Mo is the creator of the One Page Business Map that details the key steps to starting a business with vision, objectives, and marketing plans.  She is currently a lecturer and course director at the London South Bank

She also runs her own consultancy, where she helps entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through mentoring, coaching as well Social Media management and marketing.

Mo is also a fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants and the Author of the book “Unleash Your Business MOJO!”

A step-by-step guide that will take you from concept to a full-fledged execution of your business.

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for pre start-ups/start-ups and growing businesses who are based in London and have an active Twitter account. Before you can attend a workshop, you must first register with the Enterprise Steps programme. 

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