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Website Mastermind: Peer to peer Website Focus Group

Friday 6th March | 09:30 – 13:30


  • Everyone will have a 20 minute session in the “hot seat” to tap into the “mastermind” of the group.
  • In this time, each member of the group will visit your website and take notes about their experience of using your website. It is essential that you bring a device with you to access the internet.
  • The group will share their experiences in an open discussion.
  • Each 20 minute session will end with an open discussion leading to agreed action points for you to work on regarding improving the usability and functionality of your website.


You need to have a live business website to participate in this session.   You will also need to bring a device with you on the day so you can access the internet.

We’ve all been on websites that have offered a less than fantastic user experience. The gut reaction is usually to say, “this website’s terrible”, he back button is clicked, and the search process is continued. Maybe you believe your own website is underperforming in some way. Maybe you want to know what users really think. If so, this mastermind session is for you.

Many minds are better than one! This mastermind focus group offers an opportunity for peer to peer website user feedback, review, brainstorming, education, and support in a group setting. The group helps you with practical ideas and informed decisions making regarding the user satisfaction of your website. This is about highlighting areas of improvement through group evaluation and constructive criticism. Success regarding what works will be shared and applauded, but we will focus on what’s not working and what could be improved.

This is an interactive workshop. Be prepared to discuss, ask questions, and contribute experiences. You should attend this workshop if:

  • You’re about to launch your business, you have the basic version of your website launched, but you need advice and guidance on features and usability.
  • You’re already trading or promoting online and want user insight into the experience of your website.

By the end of the workshop participants should be able to:

  • Create an action plan based on real world user feedback.
  • Focus on usability and utility.
  • Understand the content needed.
  • Understand the actions visitors take (and what actions you want them to take).
  • Understand the look and feel (slick and professional; bright and fun; Grungy and underground?)

The benefits of attending this workshop are:

  • Live, honest feedback in a constructive environment from user who are not friends or family.
  • In addition to peer to peer learning, find out about using quality images, generating unique content, and easy html tricks.

Prepared and Delivered by:

Neil is an advisor on the Enterprise Steps project and has been following website design and usability since building his first site in the 90’s using a big, thick manual. Yes, back in the days when people said things like, “do you think the internet will matter?” Neil has ben directly involved with or advised on websites for jewellery designers, photographers, shoe sellers, cake makers, and others.

Who should attend?

Pre start-ups/start-ups and growth businesses in London.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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