How to improve personal development in the workplace

Are you struggling with work/life balance?

In this guest blog post Andrea Onofri, Personal and Spiritual Growth specialist, sets out an easy way to instantly remedy this situation.

Andrea is originally from Brazil, with an impressive background in industrial engineering, but is now pursuing her dreams with her personal growth business. Here she gives some simple but highly effective advice…

My biggest tip for improving personal development in the workplace is to stop looking for a balance between personal and working life. Yes, you read it correctly. Stop looking for balance in your personal and working life. I say this for the simple fact, it is conceptually the wrong sentence, which can lead to the wrong interpretation by the brain.

It leads to the thinking that working is not part of personal life. In fact, it is. Personal life includes time to be with friends, family, do tasks not related to work and work itself, among other stuff. All these lives. The moment that one denies the fact that working is part of personal life and categorises personal and working life in two different buckets, it makes work become something nothing less than unpleasant. It is like: personal life = good and pleasant bucket - and work life = annoying and unpleasant bucket.

I must remind you that other things considered in the “personal life” bucket can also be unpleasant, such as attending events that you don’t want to, performing duties that you don’t like, and so on and so forth. In the same sense that “working life” bucket can have pleasant times, such as achieving a result, helping someone, giving or receiving good advice.

Hence, my best advice to improve personal development in the workplace is to stop looking for personal, and working life and re-phrase it as looking for balance in personal life (full stop). It means that one will seek balance in all the items included in their personal life, including working life. Or look for balance inside their working life, for pleasant and unpleasant moments. For the latter, I’d rather say, not so pleasant moments. Words are so powerful and it is one of the top ways the brain receives messages.

Andrea was one of our successful clients who benefitted from the Enterprise Steps programme.


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